The hydra sleeps…

Mother Of The Hydra is not dead, just on a longer break.

To give you some news, V-kaos is going on tour with Asagraum picking up the duties as session live guitarist in early October:


Tour dates:

01.10.2017 – Nuke (Berlin, Germany)

02.10.2017 – Little Devil (Tilburg, Netherlands)

03.10.2017 – Helvete (Oberhausen, Germany)

04.10.2017 – Live Music Hall (Weiher-Mörlenbach, Germany)

05.10.2017 – Modra Vopice (Prague, Czech Republic)

06.10.2017 – Mrowisko (Gliwice, Poland)

07.10.2017 Gleisberg (Löberschütz, Germany)