Upcoming track – Serpents of Time

Here’s another clip from an upcoming track I’m working on. This one will probably be the opening song for the next album. For now, the vocals are only spoken and there’s still some work needed on the song structure and drum arrangements.

Excerpt of upcoming track

Time to share some work in progress. Here is an excerpt of a demo version of the upcoming track “Trapped in discourse with silent voices”. It will be fully re-recorded later and the drums are just approximate guides for the future drummer.

This is actually the first track I ever wrote for Mother Of The Hydra back in 2006. It came to me when walking in the woods outside my home. Very melodic, maybe not that black metal, but it belongs within this concept and finally on the upcoming release it will find its place.

The hydra sleeps…

Mother Of The Hydra is not dead, just on a longer break.

To give you some news, V-kaos is going on tour with Asagraum picking up the duties as session live guitarist in early October:


Tour dates:

01.10.2017 – Nuke (Berlin, Germany)

02.10.2017 – Little Devil (Tilburg, Netherlands)

03.10.2017 – Helvete (Oberhausen, Germany)

04.10.2017 – Live Music Hall (Weiher-Mörlenbach, Germany)

05.10.2017 – Modra Vopice (Prague, Czech Republic)

06.10.2017 – Mrowisko (Gliwice, Poland)

07.10.2017 Gleisberg (Löberschütz, Germany)

Returning to playing live!

Time to announce the live comeback:
Mother Of The Hydra will be back on stage on the 19th of October 2013 playing at Invocation of Khaos.

Rehearsals are starting with the new lineup and as usual a unique ritual is being prepared for this night.

Full lineup for the night:

Event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/140148639497584/

Website finally up again.

Finally had the time and patience to fight with a troubling database issue for the site. So here it goes with a layout made www.imagomortis.de who also created the layout for “Contradiction”.

V-kaos is currently working on new material for the next album which will go under the title “Expurgation”.