About MOTH

Mother Of The Hydra is a black metal band born in 2006 when V-kaos was still living in Sweden.

The first full-length album “Contradiction” was recorded in 2010 but only released in 2012 on CD through http://bubonicprod.pt.vu and http://nghproductions.net

Mother Of The Hydra is just as much about the experimental ritualistic tracks as it is about the more traditional black metal tracks.

The lyrical concept and idea behind the band is the contradiction of us as mortal human beings of the flesh and immortal beings in spirit – and how this might just be a false image keeping us back. This is something often reflected upon in older alchemical works and thus we take inspiration from such sources. The music and lyrics is a way of exploring these paths for us.

V-kaos is currently working on the next album which will go under the title “Expurgation”.

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